Dr Megha T


Designation: Assistant Professor

Email: megu8827@gmail.com

Dr.Megha is a active & hardworking person. Participated in many national and international seminars. Judged many presentations and events.

Papers Published : 7
1 clinical evaluation of efficacy of katha maha kashaya in gadgada
2 Anti microbial activity of Indian vessels (copper silver and bronze):A new horizon
3 Gadgada(stuttering)-a clinical study
4 Svasa(Wheezing)-A clinical study
5 Shaktasya shaky karanaath -A conceptual study
6 Shi ksha -Keys for pronunciation
7 Management of vocal cord nodule with kanthya gana maha kashaya -A case study

Date of Joining to GAMC Bangalore in present Designation : 25th Apr 2018

Initial Date of Joining to Any Institution as Faculty : 26th Dec 2014

Year of completion of PG : 2014