Dr Noor Fathima


Designation: Assistant Professor

Email: dr.nooramina@gmail.com

Dr Noor Fathima is working as assistant professor in the department of prasooti tantra and stree roga. She has attended many seminars and presented research papers.

Papers Published : 3
1. “A Conceptual study on nashtartava”
2. “A comparative clinical study to evaluate the efficacy of jyothishmatyaadi dravyas and nashtapushpaantaka rasa in nashtartava”.
3. “A case study on garbhini mutrashmari with special reference to renal calculi”.

Date of Joining to GAMC Bangalore in present Designation : 23rd Apr 2018

Initial Date of Joining to Any Institution as Faculty : 9th Sep 2017

Year of completion of PG : 2017