Dr Rashmi B M


Designation: Assistant Professor

Email: drrashmibm@gmail.com

She is a passionate teacher in subject Roga nidana and Vikruti vigyana. Has 2yrs of teaching experience for BAMS students. She is been guiding Roga Nidana PGs at GAMC Bengaluru to present papers at National and International seminars and encouraged them to write various review and research articles. She is interested in research projects. During her Post Graduation has conducted research on Dhupana karma and presented paper on the same. She is been treating patients with various skin disorders successfully on both OPD and IPD basis.

Papers Published : 10
1. An overview on Occupational hazards in Ayurveda.
2.Critical Analysis of Kasa and Kshataja Kasa samprapti.
3.Critical analysis on Doshik Variations in Rajo Nivrutti w.s.r to Menopause.
4.Conceptual study on the etiopathogenesis and aharaja nidanas in Vishwachi.
5. A bird’s eye view on Aharaja nidanas in Gridhrasi.
6. Upashayatmaka effect of Shunti churna udvartana in Katishula.
7.Upashayatmaka effect of murchita tila taila abhyanga in Katishula.
8. An overview on snayuka roga with special reference to Dracunculiasis.
9.Krimighna (anti-bacterial )effect of Dhupana (herbal fumigation)in Laboratory set up.
10. A critical analysis of sleshma pareeksha with special reference to Sputum test.

Awards & Achievements : Secured 4th rank in RGUHS university final year PG exam in subject Roga Nidana in 2017.

Date of Joining to GAMC Bangalore in present Designation : 23rd Apr 2018

Initial Date of Joining to Any Institution as Faculty : 1st Jan 2018

Year of completion of PG : 2017