Dr S A Doddamani


Designation: Associate Professor

Email: doddamanisa@yahoo.in

Dr S A Doddamani working as associate professor in the department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya kalpana at GAMC bangalore.
Total 23 years of teaching experience.
Recognised guide from RGUHS
And appreciated by KLE university for the research work
Academic activity-
1.Chairman for women empowerment cell.
2.Member of library advisory committee at BMK.
3.Working as flying squad at BMK.
4.Member of Human rights and council for students.

Papers Published : 12
1.Basic concepts of ojas- A bird view
2.Jnana srotas
3.Significance of Bala Rasayana in promoting child growth and development
4.Preventive and curative aspects of psoriasis- an ayurvedic perspective
5.Experimental evaluation of antimicrobial activity of kantakari arka
6.Role of Rasayana in Bala
7.Analytical study of kamadudha Rasa
8.Preparation of Kamadudha Rasa and its physico chemical analysis
9.Rasashastra – an expansion of Rasayana therapy
10.Muktadi vati- a drug of choice in Balaroga
11.Balarasayana therapy w s r in different yoga – an overview
12.The unique Role of the mother

Awards & Achievements : For the propogation of ayurveda many health talks given in school, colleges, health camps and all india radio.
She did the research work of toxicity study in vitro.
Modification of ayurvedic formulations in easily acceptable form.

Date of Joining to GAMC Bangalore in present Designation : 23rd Nov 2016

Initial Date of Joining to Any Institution as Faculty : 14th Oct 1996

Year of completion of PG : 2006